How to unblock block device on Litmatch app

While using a social networking app like Litmatch, blocking a user can be a means to protect yourself from online harassment or threats. However, sometimes we want to expand our social network or resolve some conflicts that have occurred. In that case, knowing how to unblock block devices on the Litmatch app becomes important.

Cases of unblocking block devices on Litmatch

Unblocking users on an application can happen in many different situations, each case has its own cause and meaning:

Conflict resolution

While using the application, you and another user may have had a conflict or disagreement. In this case, unblocking the user is a way to open up conversation and resolve the issue directly. That way, members can discuss and clarify misunderstandings together, thereby coming up with a peaceful and respectful solution.

Correct errors or confusion

Sometimes, members may block a user accidentally or by mistake. It’s possible that the block option was mistakenly clicked while browsing the user list, or that the user has the same name as another person you’re considering blocking. In this case, unblocking is a way to correct errors and re-establish connections if you feel they are meaningful or important.

Change mind

Maybe a user blocked another member with an initial opinion, but then, through conversation or further information, you changed your mind about them. In this case, unblocking could be an opportunity to open the door to a new relationship or to continue the conversation to get to know them better.

Expand your social network

You may want to expand your social network on Litmatch by connecting with more users. Unblocking can be a way to expand relationships and create new opportunities for interaction and connection.

Complete instructions on how to unblock on Litmatch

If you want to unblock an account, the steps to follow are:

  • Step 1: To start the process of unblocking users on the app, members need to access their personal page. After opening the application, users will see a personal page icon in the upper right corner of the screen, click on it to continue!
  • Step 2: On your personal page, you will see a menu of options. Find and tap the “Settings” icon to open the app’s settings.
  • Step 3: In the settings menu, you need to find and select the “Block list” option. This will take you to a list of users you have previously blocked on Litmatch.
  • Step 4: In the block list, users will see the names of all the accounts they have blocked. Find and select the person you want to unblock by tapping their name.
  • Step 5: After selecting the user, a menu of options will appear. In this menu, select the “Remove” or “Unblock” option to undo the blocking decision.

Once the process is completed, the system will display a confirmation message to confirm that you have successfully unblocked that user on Litmatch. This allows you to continue searching and connecting with other users conveniently.


In short, unblocking users on the Litmatch app can bring many benefits and opportunities to expand your social network. However, it is important to make this decision in a conscious and considered manner, based on the specific situation and personal wishes. Make sure you clearly understand how to unblock block devices on the Litmatch application to avoid unwanted consequences.