How to give virtual gifts to friends on Litmatch MOD APK

While chatting with each other on Litmatch MOD APK, giving virtual gifts is a way to express affection as well as build better relationships. However, if you are a new member starting to use the application, you will probably feel confused about how to give virtual gifts to friends on Litmatch MOD. Join us to discover how to do this!

Steps to give virtual gifts to friends on Litmatch MOD APK app

If you want to give a virtual gift to someone you love on the app, follow these steps:

  • Choose friends: First, access your friends list on the software and choose the person you want to give a gift to.
    Choose a gift: Next, members will see a virtual gift icon near the name of the person you want to send. Click this icon to open the list of gifts.
    Gift selection: The App offers a variety of virtual gifts ranging from basic symbols to unique and fun gifts. Choose a gift that you feel best reflects your friendship. However, members should note that gifts must be purchased with money or received through app promotions.
    Send gift: After selecting the gift, the user clicks the send button to complete the process. A notification will be sent to your friends notifying them that they have received a gift from you.
    Enjoy: You and your loved one can enjoy the joy of receiving and sending gifts to each other, creating a more interesting and intimate atmosphere on Litmatch APK.

Take advantage of this feature to express your affection and create memorable moments with friends on Litmatch MOD APK! Give gifts, give lots of love, and have wonderful relaxing moments on the app!

The meaning of giving gifts on Litmatch MOD APK

Giving virtual gifts to friends on the app is not only a simple action but also carries many meanings:

Show affection

Giving virtual gifts is a way to show your affection and care for your friends. It shows that you pay special attention to them and want to share joy and happiness with them.

Create a special feeling

Receiving gifts from others can make them feel special and cared for. Even though it is a small symbol, it can create joy and happiness during the day.

Connect closer

Besides, sending and receiving virtual gifts creates a very close bond between you and others on the software. It helps strengthen relationships and create a positive communication space.

Create unique experiences

The software offers a wide range of unique and fun virtual gifts, from basic symbols to special gifts. Giving virtual gifts brings countless unique and very different experiences for both you and your loved ones.

Actually, giving gifts on Litmatch MOD is not just a simple act of clicking send, it shows many things, giving a lot of love and sending emotions through it. Surely your relationship with them will become even closer.


We have just detailed instructions on how to create virtual gifts for friends on Litmatch in the article above. The operation is very simple but creates closeness and warmth for you and your friends. In this way, people can also create memorable memories and strengthen relationships with those around them. Try giving gifts at the Litmatch APK app today and feel the joy and warmth it brings! Wishing everyone a wonderful moment of conversation with their loved one.